Made in Derry Food Tour

This jam-packed experience showcases the best of our homegrown produce (artisan cheeses, street food, craft cider, Prosecco with a local twist and much more) and gives people a chance to meet the passionate producers and creative chefs behind it, all while strolling through our beautiful city and experiencing the warmest of welcomes.

Every bite you take on this tour has a story behind it. “When you taste amazing, delicious produce and then you hear about the effort and love that has been put into creating it, it makes it so much more special and imprints that memory and association to the city,” says Made in Derry Food Tour owner Catherine Goligher. “I want people to come and feel this uniqueness, to feel connected to the city and people and to ultimately return.”

(And return they do; one foodie fan has just booked their third Made in Derry tour). If the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, you’ll be head over heels for our LegenDerry city by the end of a Made in Derry tour.

This 4 hour guided tour showcases the very best of the local food and Drink in Derry. With everything from street food, craft beers, charcuterie, local cheeses and patisserie you will sample over 25 different local food and drinks. You will meet the passionate people behind the businesses and all while having a relaxing afternoon in beautiful Derry City.


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